Founded in spring 2010, Asv is the playful younger sister of Asava. As a sister line to Asava, Asv possesses a more daring edge but retains the same brand of subtle classiness, sharp construction, and sophisticated elegance.
If Asava were a sophisticated, powerful lady, then Asv would be a cultured Miss in a state of becoming. Asv is coated in youthful authenticity with adventurous streaks. Asv girls view garments as transporting vehicles and receive empowering satisfactions from them.
Building from the same timeless mold, Asv possesses three unique DNA imprints—the “A” trinity—which are essential in all Asv creations. “Aspiration” inspires young ladies to turn their dreams into reality with style and confidence. “Adventurous” encourages our modern girls to face challenges, develop individuality, and seek new opportunities while looking smart doing it. “Approachable” reminds every Asv girl that her inner beauty and unique sense of self could be accentuated through the right outfits at the right time.
Asv girls are confident, young professional go-getters who firmly believe that style and substance complete one another. Underneath the Asv girls’ strong exteriors are charming, open-minded individuals who are ready for any challenges thrown their way.
Thriving on strong feminine energy, Asv brings forth youthful playfulness through vibrant color palettes and riveting patterns. Asv’s meticulous construction and hidden details effortlessly transform what appears to be smart workwear into a high fashion piece as different scenes transgress throughout the day.

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